Proximity Marketing

Our Proximity Marketing strategies can be summarized in one keyword: POWER.

They combine dynamic behavioural data on geo-position, smart products, measurement tools, and powerful analysis to increase user activation and your advertising activity both online to offline.



We collect online and on the move actions, in full compliance with the GDPR, and create specific audience segments, identifying patterns of users behavior based on the habits and the frequency of visits to physical points, recorded through location intelligence.

Micro-Moment and Storytelling

We help you create more targeted and relevant marketing campaigns.
First, we intercept the user in the most appropriate micro-moments: near the store, near out of home, in-store or near product, that is, in front of the shelf, thanks to beacon technology.
Subsequently, we initiate an efficient communication with the user through a combination of display formats and exclusive push notifications to maximize our reach.

We send real-time or behavioural JoinTag® Push Notifications to a cluster of users mapped and registered near the store, in-store or near the product.

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We send real-time or behavioural push notifications to a cluster of users mapped through JoinTag’s Kariboo platform and registered near the store, in-store or near the product.

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Technologies and Tools to increase the Walk-In

Our proprietary technology Footfall Now enables us to measure user activation both online and offline and to understand how many of the users that see a banner and search for the targeted store, contextually head towards the store with the intent to purchase.

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Sell Out Analysis with

With the help of a gamification model, this application helps increase footfall in physical stores, promote the discovery of a product, support the sales of well-known products or emphasize promotional in-store initiatives, granting a definite measurement.

Maximize your advertising strategy impact

We provide you with the tools to monitor the efficacy of your marketing campaign and to calculate your ROI: we measure and analyse the relationship between exposure to ads and store visits through footfall, sell-out, attention to new products when launched, customer purchase behaviour and clients’ features.

We equip you with precious marketing insights for forthcoming advertising and business initiatives: we supply a thorough analysis of your competitors, product and customer satisfaction surveys, and accurate in-depth analysis of your current and potential target audience.

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