Universal Pictures – Split

Impactful video advertising solution to promote the Universal Pictures movie Split

Client: Universal Pictures
Services: Branding


Universal Pictures PlaySunrise Split

Impactful video advertising solution to promote the Universal Pictures movie Split

For the launch of the new film Split, the production company Universal Pictures has chosen PlaySunrise, AdKaora’s video format, to supporting video advertising strategy, attracting and creating engagement with a large number of users.


105 years of production of blockbuster films

Universal Pictures is one of the most important American film studios, founded in 1912, and is now owned by Comcast and one of Hollywood’s “Big Six”. Six films by Universal Studios, (“The shark” (1975), “E.T. the extraterrestrial” (1982), “Jurassic Park” (1993), “Despicable me 2” (2013), “Fast & Furious 7” (2015 ), “Jurassic World” (2015), have created box office records.

The target

To reach and to involve

Universal wanted to intercept and involve users in watching the trailer of the film Split, and to communicate the release date in movie theaters in order to incite users to go there in a precise time frame.

The solution

PlaySunrise: impactful and branded video format

AdKaora used the PlaySunrise format for a highly impacting video advertising activity. The outstream video format is designed for mobile browsing: the video is framed in a background that can be totally branded with logo, payoff, decorative elements and call to action and it takes the form of a vertical full screen, creating a strong impact, with the advantage to remain totally compliant towards the user as it could be closed at any time. Finally, the conclusive call to action invites the user to discover the content of the brand.

The success

Excellent view of the trailer from the selected target

Constructing a custom format around the preview of the film proved to be an effective strategy for Universal and it allowed the trailer to generate a large number of views by keeping the release date of the film in the movie theater throughout the vision. The two-week campaign generated 70% View-through rate and 7% of users continued browsing on the brand content.

Client: Universal Pictures
Services: Branding

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