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Skoda – Kamiq

Skoda Kamiq – Rich Media

An impactful format for a product with determination

To support the launch of the new Kamiq, Skoda has chosen a custom mobile rich media format that allows a high interaction with the user and the possibility of product total discovery.


“Kamiq, a second skin”

Skoda decided to launch a new car model dedicated to the European market. The new KAMIQ is the ŠKODA city SUV with an unmistakable personality. The origin of the name KAMIQ comes from the language of the Inuit people and indicates “something that adapts perfectly to any situation, as if it were a second skin”, an ideal companion in daily life in and outside the city.

The target

Increasing awareness during the product launch process.

Campaign goal was mainly focused on Product Awareness, with actions aimed to empower the level of knowledge of a product, in its launch process, by the target audience, intercepted thanks to accurate analysis of data of interests and navigation.

The solution

Rich Media Custom Format

The strategy designed to support Kamiq included the use of data to build the most appropriate audience and the planning of a rich media mobile display format, tailored to encourage user interaction and brand recall. In the first phase, the Kamiq model “speeded” in overlay on the editorial content, without interrupting the browsing experience. After interacting with the format, the user could “play” with creativity by choosing the color of the car interior, according to his preferences, and in the last step, the user could perfect the simulation by choosing the interior colors and having all useful information about the car.

The success

Good results in terms of increasing awareness

The mix between profiled audience and the interactive and highly impacting character of the Rich Media mobile format has contributed, in fact, to recording results above the average in terms of engagement with an interaction rate of 36% and a CTR of 2%, increasing brand awareness and allowing a complete product discovery.

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