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See what others don’t see

Client: Oakley
Website: oakley.com
Services: Traffic


See what others don’t

Oakley used AdKaora’s Sports & Fitness inventory to increase the notoriety of PRIZM ™ lens technology in addicted sports.


As result of 40 years of innovation and a unique lens concept, Oakley glasses are a masterpiece of performance. Oakley, owner of over 750 patents, is known for the quality and technology of its lenses, especially for the High Definition Optics® (HDO®) patent and the PRIZM ™ technology.

The target

To spread PRIZM ™ lenses to the right target

Oakley has a distinctly sporting and unique DNA. The goal of the campaign was to intercept users potentially interested in the new PRIZM ™ lenses, which, thanks to their technology, optimize vision and contrast, perfected for sports and specific environments.

The solution

The largest Italian community of sports fans

The Sport & Fitness package allows to reach a unique audience of more than 1,500,000, intercepting multi-discipline sports fans and wellness-conscious users, in fact the exclusive AdKaora apps are the most used by sportsmen in Italy and allow users not only to record racing, cycling, fitness and workout, but also to motivate themselves by sharing all with their friends, and to keep fit with information on diet, physical exercise, calorie counts and all the nutritional information of over 2 million food products.

The success

Excellent awareness results

The campaign has been viewed more than 900,000 times and Oakley has achieved a good share of voice on highly targeted users with the product for the planning period.

Client: Oakley
Website: oakley.com
Services: Traffic

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