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See what others don’t see

Client: Oakley
Services: Traffic


RichPage – Live Yours

See what others don’t

Oakley used AdKaora’s Rich Page Move&Discover to increase the notoriety of PRIZM ™ lens technology in addicted sports.


Technological lenses for sports, sports enthusiasts and casual lovers

The result of 40 years of innovation and a unique lens concept, Oakley glasses are a masterpiece of performance. Oakley, owner of over 750 patents, is known for the quality and technology of its lenses, in particular for the High Definition Optics® (HDO®) patent and the PRIZM ™ technology.

The target

Show the revolutionary visual with PRIZM ™ lenses

PRIZM ™ is the revolutionary lens technology, which improves in a drastic way the contrast and visibility of a wide range of lighting conditions, with this rich page the client wanted to show the quality of polarized lenses in an effective and intuitive way to potentially interested users.

The solution

Interactive and high impact Rich Page

Starting from a tabular planning on Sport&Fitness targets, the user lands on a page designed and built for the brand. The user can interact with different versions of lenses, in fact depending on the specific product chosen by the user, can see in real time the photo through the new lenses and deepen through a CTA that led to the customer site.

The success

Excellent engagement results

The campaign achieved a good rate of engagement, in fact 60% of users interacted with the first content, 40% saw at least one of the other products and 20% continued the experience on the customer site.

Client: Oakley
Services: Traffic

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