McDonald’s – Le Ricche

Drive to store strategy through Find&Go solution

Client: McDonald's
Services: Traffic



McDonald’s Find&Go Le Ricche

Drive to store strategy through Find&Go solution

McDonald’s used the Find&Go solution to show the user the nearest points of interest and indicate the route to go there when the new “Le Ricche” chips were launched.


“The global hamburger”

If the hamburger was born in Europe, in Hamburg to be exact, the first McDonald’s restaurant was born in the United States on the initiative of the brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald in 1937. The meeting with Ray Kroc, the founder of the brand, who it was none other than their business partner for milk-based products, it will give new impetus to their small company.

The target

To bring mobile users to go to the nearest restaurant

Thanks to this campaign, McDonald’s wanted to spread the news on new chips, as well as push prospect and current clients to go and taste them in the nearest restaurant. “For us it was essential to let taste our “mythical” product like chips, but in a new format and with new sauces, accompanying consumers in choosing a place to stop for lunch, dinner or a simple break during the day. This is why we have chosen a format that combines functional impact with the presentation of the product.”

The solution

Find& Go: Click and Share

The solution Find& Go is a post-click Rich Solution, which was created to meet the needs of drive to store the user who is close to physical points of interest. Starting from an adv planning and a geo-fencing target, the user lands on the rich branded page, where the consent to the GPS geolocation is requested, if the user gives the consent, he immediately sees the path to the nearest store, if the user denies it, he must enter the address and choose the starting point. In addition to being able to choose the type of route to take, it is possible to insert different types of actions in a further tab, such as a link to the brand’s website to discover the contents, a promotional landing page, add to calendar or a download of a coupon.

The success

Good results in terms of interactions

The combination between the specific user experience of the solution and the message chosen by the brand has led users to spend an average of 3 minutes on the page content, where the top actions include the selection of the walk and click to discover the contents of the brand on its site.

Client: McDonald's
Services: Traffic

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