Mattel – Barbie

Out of the box strategy to promote Barbie and create original contents

Client: Mattel
Services: Traffic

Photoshare – Barbie

Out of the box strategy to promote Barbie and to create original contents

Mattel has used Photoshare to increase the engagement on Barbie products related to the world of Case and Accessories and to stimulate the positive memory linked to the concept of “You can be a creative”, inviting the user to create and share original images with himself and Barbie as main protagonists.


“You can be everything you want”

Barbie is a brand with a strong cultural heritage, built in 57 years and the philosophy that guides it, as its creator has masterfully expressed, is to represent the infinite possibilities of choice of a woman since she was a child. Barbie has always been able to choose! Through her many careers, the family, the creation of endless stories even through the many accessories, constantly reminds the girls that they can achieve everything they desire.

The target

To involve users

Thanks to this campaign, Mattel wanted to increase the engagement that prospect and current clients had with the brand and tell the many creative combinations possible with Barbie and its different accessories, stimulating interaction and sharing.

The solution

Photoshare: Capture and Share

The Photoshare is a Rich Solution post click, which is born to respond to content generation strategies and that helps the diffusion of the same. Starting from an adv planning, the user lands on the branded page, where he is invited to interact with the brand through a specific call to action “click and shoot” or to deepen a topic of particular interest, such as a product or a contest. In particular, in the case of the “You can be a creative” campaign, you can upload your own photo or take one at the moment, choose from the gallery one of the 14 subjects that portrays Barbie and her accessories and add it in overlays, modifying at will the obtained result. The image, thus created, becomes an original branded content obtained with user initiative mechanism and it is ready to be shared with a click on the different social networks or via whatsapp.

The success

Excellent engagement results

The campaign has been viewed more than 1,600,000 times and Mattel has achieved a good rate of engagement with users: 6 users in 10 interacted with the contents of the brand and 40% shared the image with Barbie on social networks.

Client: Mattel
Services: Traffic

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