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Mattel – Barbie Pizzeria e Pasticceria

Client: Mattel
Services: Branding

Mattel Barbie Pizzeria e Pasticceria – Rich Media e PlaySunrise

A “creative” mission for an important message

For the launch of two flagship products, Barbie Pizzeria and Pasticceria, Mattel chose a mobile rich media format created specifically to present both in an engaging and interactive way


“A new Barbie to urge girls to believe in their dreams”

Mattel with “Barbie Pizzeria and Pasticceria” launches an important lesson: believing in yourself in order to get anywhere. For more than 60 years, Barbie has been narrating the evolution of the female role and the multiple potential of women in the world of work, offering herself on the market with more than 150 different professions and emboding the image of the career woman par excellence.

The target

Increase awareness in the product launch process and consideration

Campaign’s goal was mainly focused on Product Awareness, with actions aimed to empower the level of knowledge of a product in its launch phase by the target audience, intercepted thanks to accurate analysis of the collected data relating to interests and navigation.

The solution

Rich Media format with double “tap” and “drag & drop” action

The strategy studied involved the study of a profiled audience combined with a rich media mobile display format, created ad hoc, whose mechanics stimulated and simulated a game mode very similar to the real one, in total harmony with the product: with action « tap » the user could start playing, choosing one of the two Barbie models between” Pizzeria “and” Pasticceria “, and with the” drag & drop” action to drag the respective pizzas or cakes into the oven. After playing with the format, the user landed on the PlaySunrise, a proprietary vertical full-screen video format, with the audio off; the experience then ended on the Amazon product page.

The success

Product awareness goal completed

The mix between profiled audience and interactive and highly impacting Rich Media format, combined with the interactivity of the PlaySunrise, contributed, in fact, to record excellent results in terms of engagement with an interaction rate of 35% and a CTR of 1 %, thus reinforcing brand awareness and allowing a complete and total product discovery.

Client: Mattel
Services: Branding

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