Madi Ventura – BBMix Funzionali

Client: Madi Ventura
Services: Traffic

Madi Ventura – the Proximity Suite power

An advanced  proximity suite for a winning strategy

To promote at best Madi Ventura’s BBMix Funzionali we  all proximity marketing most effective and innovative tools: from Vertical Carousel rich media to mobile geolocal display adv formats and push notification planning, included the Find&Go Now!, an interactive map that encourages a complete discovery of the product. The most advanced phase consisted of deep analysis about consumer, product and sell out, useful to collect exclusive insights for the brand and its future communication strategies.


Wellness comes eating!

Since over eighty years, Ventura selects dried fruits that grows in the best climate conditions, cultivated from the producers with the best experience. The extreme care along all the process guarantees the best freshness and hygienics condition. Ventura’s BBMix Funzionali are original snacks, healthy and balanced, perfect for daily breaks and essential for a psycophysical balance. Available in different formats, the dried fruits mix has been studied to satisfy different wellness needs in name of taste.

The target

Brand Awareness and Drive to store

The campaign’s goal, run together with Asset media, was to cover completely every step of the funnel: from brand awareness to drive to store, from sell out analysis to consumer and product analysis.

The Solution

Vertical Carousel + Find&Go Now! + CheckBonus + IRI

The increase of brand awareness has been entrusted on Vertical Carousel planning, the mobile and interactive rich media format, designed by AdKaora Creative Studio, that gives a personalized product’s discovery experience. To support footfall in the GDO stores involved in the activity, we showed a mix of geolocal display adv formats combined with near store and in store JoinTag Push Notification, shown to the users that were really close to the points of interest. Then, user could land on the Find&GoNow!, an interactive map that leaded him to the closest shop, after having sent the consent on the localisation.

To know what effects the campaign brought to stores’ visits, we produced footfall analysis, combined with product and sell out insights, collected with the help of our partners: CheckBonus qualitative analysis and IRI macro-quantitative analysis. CheckBonus users have been involved in gamification, through which products have been more exposed, and Ventura obtained precious insights on sell out even with the focus on signs. Before and after promotion we carried on two Brand Lift Surveys to know better: the competitive arena, consume behaviour, brand recognition, purchase behaviour, brand and product perception.

Previous  analysis on sell out have been integrated with IRI one on the whole sell out registered in the GDO stores analysed, during the contemplated period.

The Success

Good results in terms of engagement, visit uplift and sell out

Results have been really good in terms of engagement rate and visit uplift; we registered an engagement rate of 26% with Vertical Carousel, of 25% with Find&Go Now!, while visit uplift in the stores involved reached the 106%.

Brand Lift Surveys carried on with CheckBonus showed two main highlights on all:

  • Ventura places itself in second place of the “recalled memory” chart
  • In the competitive area, the brand places itself very well thanks to a mix of products and original packages.

In the end, IRI analysis, that controls advertising effects on a product that has been bought on the considered period, showed good results even in selling uplift with a +4% and in terms of ROI that has been the double, not only considering the one referred on the category, but also considering the total average rate.

Client: Madi Ventura
Services: Traffic

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