We set the game plan for winning in any condition. We focus on strategy and target to reach the final goal.



We score a touchdown together, driven by innovation. Our mission is to increment the ROI and bring concrete results. We intercept the costumer and bring him directly to you.



You win the scrum with us. We provide the cutting edge tools, always in first place.


Ad Solutions

We manage cross-device audience in a brand safe environment, both traditional and programmatic way. Our focus is on mobile in-app campaigns.


Marketing Solutions

Independent trading desk with proprietary technology solution for programmatic buying.


Davide Tran


Luca Nigro


Francesco Binetti

Operations & Media Manager

Paolo Ingrosso

Sales Director

Massimo Liaci

Operations & Media Specialist

Antonella Caliandro

Marketing Manager

Iolanda Prezio

Media Manager

Francesca Degasperis

Agency Relationship Manager

Sara D'Apote

Sales Account

Michela Frattarolo

Operations & Media Specialist

Daniela Branchi

Administration & Treasury

Valentina Nava

Operations & Media Specialist

Marianna de Vita

Sales Account Manager

Plinio Macella

Sales Account

Awis Copetti

Operations & Media Specialist

Alberto De Simone

Sales Account

Alex Carletto

Graphic & Design Manager

Edoardo Rettori

Sales Account

Giulia Mussap

Operations & Media Specialist

Matteo De Micheli

Operations & Media Specialist

Wise Emotions

Tech Team

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